Our Earth – She’s Alive, Beautiful, Finite, Hurting…

Our EarthSee if you can watch this 5 minute video and not be touched with wonder and filled with sadness. Some of the images of our Earth are just stunning.

The words annotated during the video are;

  • She’s alive
  • She’s complex
  • She’s beautiful
  • She’s finite
  • (then there’s a lot of “I want…” images)
  • She’s hurting
  • (an image of a “Stop” sign spinning around seems to be appropriate)
  • She’s our mother
  • She can be saved
  • She’s worth defending
  • Worth dying for…
  • In memoriam – Chico Mendes, Ken Sar0wiwa, Dian Fossey, Jean Root, PD Majhi, Amit Jethwa (who were all killed trying to support our Earth)

What are we, the human race, doing? We just can’t see how wrong we are at the moment. Maybe we’re starting to realize.

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