One Man, One Cow, One Planet

One Man, One Cow, One PlanetOne Man, One Cow, One Planet

This is a lovely film based around an inspirational man, Peter Proctor. He’s an 80 year-old New Zealand farmer who promotes organic and biodynamic farming to save us and the world from its woes. At the age of 80, he and his wife move to India because Peter thinks this is a country where organic and biodynamic farming can really take over.

It’s very interesting to be shown the problems that conventional agriculture has caused, and is causing, in India. Then to see the practices of the organic farmers and how healthy the soil and plants are. It doesn’t need any further explanation. Our eyes and our hearts tell us in an instant which type of farming is right and which is wrong.

Here’s one quote I captured from Peter during the film (near the end) that has special meaning for me;

The food actually helps you make moral decisions and moral thoughts. It’s not just stuff to fill your stomach.

I think there’s a lot of truth in this. If you eat bad food it’s easy to have bad thoughts. If you eat good, wholesome, raw, natural foods, a large percentage of your thoughts will be good, even without trying.

And here’s a quote about the movie that I found in an review;

One man takes on a dying planet. Simple, heart felt and inspired. Peter Proctor is a gentle man that quietly goes about the business of changing the way we farm. The dead soil of India, stripped of it’s nutrients by harsh fertilizers and pesticides is turned back into rich earth though the practice of Biodynamic farming. Dying land and desperate farmers are saved by this unlikely hero. The film is beautifully written and photographed and well worth a look.

Here’s the One Man, One Cow website –

You can also buy a copy of the DVD here –

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