Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Imran Khan - never give up on your dreamsI was a real Imran Khan fan when I was young and watching the great cricketers of the time play. This video is really the first time I’d ever heard him speak for any length of time and I was surprised. His talk is entitled “Never Give Up on Your Dreams” and (apart from the last minute or two) I found it very absorbing. My notes are as follows;

  • at the age of 9 he decided to become a test cricketer
  • “never after that did I ever think there was a possibility that I would not become a test cricketer”
  • “along the way there were a lot of problems”
  • whenever you have a big goal or take the untrodden path, there will be setbacks and failures
  • people who win in the end, never give up
  • he got selected for the Pakistan test team but was dropped after one game and it took him 3-years to get back into the team
  • after cricket, his next challenge was politics and fighting corruption in Pakistan
  • he had “developed the mechanism of how to cope with failure”
  • failure gives you time for soul searching, analyzing mistakes – failure can be your best teacher
  • but, if you get demoralized, you’ve lost
  • after a setback, never scale down your dreams!
  • “the body follows the mind – mind is the power in a human being”
  • “the more you challenge yourself, the more strength you discover inside of yourself”
  • “positive mindset is ‘we will win’ – negative mindset is ‘we will not lose’ “
  • never think you will not achieve your dreams
  • there are no shortcuts in life – you have to go through the process – “it’s the process that makes you – it’s the process that strengthens you”
  • he’s built a cancer hospital, a university and now working on a knowledge city – the dream keep getting up-scaled

Very reminiscent of the messages in the Finding Joe movie and the works of Napoleon Hill.

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

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