Martin Luther King – Civil Rights

Martin Luther King discusses civil rights with Merv GriffinAn interview of┬áMartin Luther King by Merv Griffin in 1967 (he was assassinated in 1968). I hadn’t really heard Martin Luther King before and I was taken by his “presence”. I find it amazing how quickly his presence can be felt at the beginning of this video.

Some interesting points from this video;

  • He says that “legal segregation is dead today (1967)”
  • “now we are faced with greater problems” – “the struggle for genuine equality” – “to get rid of the syndrome of deprivation”
  • “the movement has given the negro a new sense of dignity” – “a new sense of somebody-ness” – “this is perhaps the greatest victory that we have one”
  • “The negro has straightened his back up, so to speak – you can’t ride a man’s back unless it’s bent, and by straightening up his back, he’s made it possible to move on in the future and make greater gains”

Hearing him talk, I’m struck by how civil rights is really an issue related to respect and compassion between all human beings.

Martin Luther King – Civil Rights


For more about Martin Luther King Jr., here’s a short biography;

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