Life on Planet Earth – A User’s Manual

Life on Planet EarthLife on Planet Earth is a short book that’s very cleverly done. It’s available for free (almost) and you can read it in less than 20 minutes, so not many excuses not to check it out. Whether you think it’s humorous or serious, it will definitely get you thinking about your life and our lives in general. Worth a look!

You can only get Life on Planet Earth (for a very low fee) from and you can check it out here on Boni’s website.

Boni Lonnsburry is the author of The Map that I really enjoyed and have reviewed earlier.

Three of my favorite quotes from “Life on Planet Earth – A User’s Guide”

Your mission is to create a wonderful world for yourself – and to have a blast doing it.

Like snowflakes, every piece is different and every piece is precious. You are different from everything else, and a part of everything else at the same time. And you are precious.

Love. Just love. Love yourself enough to receive the gifts the universe has for you – a wonderful life. Love others and the planet enough to create the same for them.

 Table of Contents – Life on Planet Earth – A User’s Guide

  • Welcome, Earthling!
  • Before You Begin Life on Earth
  • Using Your Incarnation
  • Ground Rules
  • A Word About Time and Space
  • Creating On Planet Earth
  • Quick-Start Program

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