Invisible Nature : Talking Plants

Invisible Nature - Talking Plants - National Geographic ChannelWhen I was on a flight returning from Australia recently, I watched a documentary on the plane called “Invisible Nature : Talking Plants”. It was intriguing and it matches up with other research I’ve been reading about recently. It seems that plants are much more “aware” of what’s happening around them than we’d normally believe. I’ll probably post more along these lines in the future, but for now I’m just recording these two excerpts from the documentary that I found on the National Geographic website.

One of the other things they discussed, but isn’t contained in these excerpts, is how when some plants are being attacked by caterpillars, they can release a smell that attracts the insect that likes feeding on these caterpillars. They also discuss what plants can “sense” when other plants are in trouble.┬áIt’s amazing what might be going on in the animal world that we’re only just becoming aware of.

Talking Plants : Plants with Brains

Talking Plants : Meteorological Plants

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