I Am Nature

I am Nature - screen shotI Am Nature

Not sure how I found this “I am Nature” video but I found it captivating¬†and the words are astounding. Here’s my transcript (I love the last line);

I’m not the missed call from my boss
I’m not my dozens of unread emails
I’m not my to-do list
I’m not the likes on my Facebook profile
And I’m not the fast-food on my lunch break
I am…
I am the leaves falling on my shoulders
I am the grass beneath my feet
The wind blowing through the trees
I am the water flowing between the stones
The soil running between my fingers
I am the choices I make.

Please enjoy this video (it’s less than 2 minutes long)…

This video reminds us that many things that we think are important are just illusions. We are really one with Nature. We can’t be anything else. We are one with everything. Everything and everyone. Then what’s left? What do we have that defines us? Our choices!

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