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freshThe premise behind this movie is that modern society and modern agriculture is violating the well known laws of nature and causing so many problems for us and for nature itself. This film is clear evidence that if we don’t respect nature and live close to it and with it, then the outcome for us will not be good (and we’re already heading that way – is it too late?)

Some of the main points that I noted from this movie are;

  • The way they handle the chickens is terrible – the baby chicks are all shipped in small little crates and then they literally “throw” them on the ground inside the big chicken sheds – then you can see nothing on the floor except for baby chicks.
  • Too much of one crop in one place is not natural. Attracts too much of the same pest and makes it almost impossible to keep them healthy enough. Need lots of pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Sadly, farmers make more money if they spray.
  • They feed dead cows to cows – but they are herbivores!
  • Mad Cow is just one example of nature is screaming to us “enough”
  • A pig farmer went organic and didn’t need to use antibiotics anymore – and he’s been in business like this for 14 years
  • Organic farming is more efficient – that’s the claim – we don’t need modern farming to “feed the world”
  • The more you process food the less nutritious it is
  • Food is most nutritious in its natural form
  • Many Americans live in food deserts – can only find processed food and cannot find fresh produce
  • The pictures of the grown chickens jammed in a shed makes me feel sick. I felt especially sick when I realised that humans are just the same -we pack ourselves into unnatural cities, we generally become sick, need antibiotics to keep going. It’s exactly the same as the chickens!!
  • In the last part of the movie, I was a bit disappointed to see a segment that was close to advertising for a supermarket chain and local organic food chain.

This movie is well worth a look. It’s good to hear some of the truth that is going on (at least in the U.S. but it has many parallels with farming elsewhere) and not just hear the line from the big food companies. You can purchase a copy of the film at – Follow this link –

Also see –

Here’s the trailer from the film;

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