What is ecological overshoot?

Ecological Overshoot - Aug 2014This video about ecological overshoot suggests we are living beyond our means. This feels like it’s true, but I haven’t yet seen the quantifiable figures behind it. Could be some more evidence that humanity is not heading in the right direction and we haven’t been for some time.

Here are some of the quotes I noted from the video;

  • in the 70’s we started to use more than nature can regenerate
  • “currently we’re using at least 50% more than nature can renew”
  • “we are in a global overshoot”
  • “overshoot can be thought of as living off your credit card”

With the vast amount of time needed to generate oil & gas from buried organic matter, I find it a bit hard to equate the rate we use oil & gas with the amount the Earth can regenerate in a year.

The Global Footprint Network is an international non-profit organization that has been around for 10 years, and The Pachamama Alliance seems to be a reputable organization with honorable goals.

What is ecological overshoot?

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