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Ecological household cleaning products

This company provides ecologically friendly household cleaning products. I buy their products from an organic supermarket here in France. The types of products sold by Ecodoo include;

  • toilet cleaners
  • window cleaners
  • multi-surface and multi-usage cleaners
  • dishwasher tablets and salt
  • dishwashing liquids
  • clothes washing liquids and powders and fabric softeners
  • household air fresheners
  • toilet paper and hand towels

Here’s an approximate translation of the Values of Ecodoo (as stated on their website, in French);

  • they provide a real alternative to conventional household cleaning products
  • a simple and real brand concentrating on the essentials of nature
  • a range derived from vegetable sources
  • products conforming to the regulations of Ecocert
  • packaging with reduced environmental impact
  • powerful, biodegradable formulas

I also like their approach to running their factory;

  • environmentally friendly building construction
  • wood heating
  • capture and use of rain water
  • use of solar energy
  • use of electricity from renewable sources
  • preservation of bio-diversity

I wish all companies producing products for the world were as responsible as Ecodoo appears to be. At the same time, I find the Ecodoo products that I’ve used so far to be effective and of good quality. Ecodoo is certainly a company I plan to support going forward.

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