Dirt! The Movie

Dirt! The MovieDirt! The Movie

This movie has a lot of good information and makes a lot of sense.

  • the world relies on dirt
  • we wouldn’t be alive without it
  • dirt is alive – it is full of living organisms
  • there is only a limited amount of dirt on the earth and we don’t respect it
  • we treat it as if it were dead
  • modern agriculture with its single crops over vast areas is killing the dirt
  • deforestation is ruining the earths mechanisms for protecting dirt
  • floods and droughts cause the dirt to be washed or blown away
  • in cities we cover living dirt with concrete
  • in open cut mines we kill the dirt of the “overburden”

The list goes on. We need sustainable, organic farming to arrest this disaster that’s in motion. We’re killing the earth and ourselves rather rapidly!

This movie really opens my eyes even more to the fact that the collective human race is really like a cancer for the earth and we’re killing the earth and ourselves. Unfortunately, the cancer is rather advanced. Just as with a single human where the cure for cancer is often to turn to natural foods and lifestyles, the cure for this cancer of the earth is to return to natural practices. We have to act urgently and quickly.

You can buy a copy of “Dirt! The Movie” here – http://foodmatters.tv/product/dirt-the-movie-dvd

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