Dare to be great

Polly Higgins is the barrister who gave the very powerful talk – Ecocide, the 5th Crime Against Peace. I liked that very much. Here, she has a different type of talk with “Dare to be great” that’s quite inspiring. Polly appears to be an amazing woman who’s obviously getting her life going in the right direction. What do you think?

You can watch the video just below my notes here;

  • she shares something completely different to what she was planning
  • “an idea that’s taking growth in me”
  • a thought that came to her when she gave herself time alone to just be with nature
  • “what should I do next when my job is done bringing Earth Law into being”
  • “a thought came to me and it was ‘dare to be great’ “
  • “how can I be the best I can be with the skills that I have”
  • she parked the idea, then some months later while taking 3 weeks out, she starting thinking about it again
  • maybe it’s about daring others to be great – all of us daring to be great
  • how to move forward and learn and to co-create this new world
  • how to move from a state of dependency – being an employee is a state of dependency
  • she’s moving her employees into independent states and then she wants to find an interdependent state
  • like a child growing into a teenager and then growing into adulthood
  • teenagers want to be independent but in later life we learn that interdependency is most important
  • our world at the moment is tipping from a state of independence to interdependence
  • like a teenager who trashes their bedroom without thinking of the consequences, that’s how we’ve been treating the Earth
  • but now we’re waking up to this and we’re starting to take responsibility
  • “my challenge – dare myself to be great – is about asking myself lots of tough questions”
  • she asks all of us to dare to be great too

Dare to be great

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