Can we transmit stillness through technology?

Can we transmit stillness through technology 1This video really helped me. Eckhart Tolle talks about how to keep presence and transmit stillness through technology. The gadgets we have today tend to constantly drag us out of stillness and out of being present. Eckhart talks through some ways to try and avoid this and manage it. Here are my notes;

Can we transmit stillness through technology?

  • Eckhart is asked about how to manifest “presence” through technology like email and videoconferences
  • When he’s on the phone and there’s a human being at the other end, he detects something deeper than just the words being spoken
  • Being still does not necessarily mean that you are not speaking
  • Not just use the human being as a means to an end, but to realize there is a real human being you are talking to
  • Start meetings with a moment of stillness? (as long as people don’t think you’re mad)
  • “in the few phone calls I do have, somehow stillness manages to get in there”
  • “don’t be the slave of the ringing telephone”
  • every time the phone rings it can be a signal for you to become present – give yourself a few seconds to come into presence before answering
  • “enjoy the space before you pick up the phone”
  • ¬†you can do the same when you receive the sound that a text message has arrived
  • “in that way you can use devices that would otherwise continuously take you out of presence, and help you to be present, so you turn them around”

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