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I’ve been interested in getting the garden behind my house sorted out for a while now and somehow I stumbled on this film “Back to Eden” and it was a complete eye-opener. The main star of the documentary is Paul Gautschi and what he’s uncovered is just amazing.

By simply observing what Nature does he noticed that conventional farming doesn’t match with Nature in so many ways. The main thing he observed was that Nature never “tills” soil and never leaves the earth uncovered. He started using chipped garden waste as a covering for the soil and found that this promoted a healthy environment for a beautiful living soil below. He shows that once you’ve got the covering working well and keep it replenished, there’s very little work to do to keep the garden going. Very little weeding, no tilling and even no watering after the seedlings are up. It’s truly amazing and so obvious really.

One warning is that Paul is a very religious man and quotes from the Bible many times through the documentary. I know how this could be annoying to many people, but please just ignore it if you feel that way. The true magic of the documentary is to see what he’s done with his expansive garden and to see the amazing results.

At the end of the documentary we see how he allows people into his garden so they can eat whatever they’d like. He’s so giving. Just as the Earth has given freely to him, he gives freely to others. Very inspiring.

If you’re interested in gardening, I can’t recommend “Back to Eden” enough but, even if not, I think you’ll find this very interesting and it might even convert you into trying your own garden.

Gardening like explained in “Back to Eden” must truly be along the lines of Life In The Right Direction.

You can watch the documentary for free by following this link –

and here’s the YouTube link –

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2 Responses to “Back to Eden – Simple. Sustainable. Solutions.”

  1. Claudia

    Thank you so much for sharing, I loved the documentary. On Paul being very religious and quoting the bible all the time, it really shows it’s the way you see and experience things that matters. Meaning, he can read a passage from the scriptures and understand it as something full of worth and wisdom and giving him an answer, inspiring him to do good, while someone else, also very religious, could totally ignore it and only pay attention to the next passage about revenge and discrimination.

    • Peter

      Hi Claudia. Thanks for leaving a comment. You make a good point. It’s almost like the quotes in scripture are not a thing in themselves until someone gives them their own interpretation, and then the quotes become something that have an effect. Makes sense really, because if their is nobody to read and interpret any particular quote, what effect could it have?

      The most important thing for me is interpreting the signals we see and hear in a way that helps us move ahead positively in life and avoiding negatives patterns that hold us back. This documentary inspired me to work more closely with Nature, to be grateful for everything it gives us and to be respectful of its processes.

      Once again, many thanks for your comment.


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