All that we share

all that we shareAll that we share

TV2Danmark – published on 27 Jan 2017

“All that we share” is a very clever advertisement from TV2 in Denmark that shows how we are all connected even if we think we’re not.  It cleverly shows how we label ourselves differently and put ourselves in boxes, but forget that we are all having a common experience of life and that there are far more things we have in common with others, than differences. It also shows how the love and acceptance among people naturally flows amongst all people once they realise they don’t have to maintain the artificial boundaries of their imaginary boxes any longer.

This is a really powerful two minutes. All that we share is far greater and more significant than the difference we imagine and attempt to maintain.

TV2 Denmark’s description of this video is “We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. Maybe we have more in common than what we think? Introducing All That We Share. The English version.”

Please watch “All that we share” here;

The only disappointing thing is that, at the end, they maintain and reinforce the box of Denmark. That box doesn’t exist either. Countries are imaginary and artificial. In truth, countries are of no real consequence.

Full Transcript – All that we share

It’s easy to put people in boxes. There’s us, and there’s them. The high earners, and those just getting by. Those we trust, and those we try to avoid. There’s the new Danes, and those that have always been here. The people from the countryside, and those who’ve never seen a cow. The religious, and the self-confident. There are those we share something with, and those we don’t share anything with.

Welcome. I’m going to ask you some questions today. Some of them might be a bit personal, but I hope you will answer them honestly. Who in this room was the class clown? [laughter… smiling.. many people collect together] Who are step-parents? [another group of people get together…]

And then suddenly, there’s us. We who believe in life after death. We who’ve seen UFO’s. And all of us who love to dance. We who’ve been bullied. And we who’ve bullied others. [can see a young boy dealing with having to be honest about this one…] And then there’s us, the lucky ones who’ve had sex this past week. [lots of laughter…] We who are broken-hearted. We who are madly in love. We who feel lonely. [sombre… quite a large group…] We who are bi-sexual. [only one man comes forward… applause…] And we who acknowledge the courage of others. We who have found the meaning of life. And we who have saved lives.

And then there’s all of us, who just love Denmark.

So maybe there’s more that brings us together than we think. [a much more open, accepting and jovial atmosphere amongst all the people now…]

TV2 Denmark – All that we share

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