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As you probably know, I’m a fan of green smoothies and have been for some time. It’s a matter of getting lots of nutrition in a simple format for the body to deal with. If you’re interested in getting a blender and getting into healthy smoothies, then this website – Easy Healthy Smoothie – might be a good resource for you.

easy healthy smoothie

Easy Healthy Smoothie appears to be a good website containing honest, useful information.

For me, smoothies are easy because I just take everything good that I have around and put it in the blender and drink it. Of course, I’ve experimented for a while and found things that I like and don’t like. Take a look at My Daily, Raw, Green Smoothie to get an idea of what I do.

However, if you’re new to smoothies or would like ideas on how to make them more interesting for you, then Easy Healthy Smoothie might be just what you need.

The founder of this Easy Healthy Smoothie is Daniel Pelegreen and here’s how he explains his story;

“If you’re experiencing how difficult it is to lead a healthy lifestyle and lose weight – you’re not alone.

I’ve experienced it myself, as a busy professional unaware of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

After I got promoted in my job, I’ve put all my time and energy into work. Start early, finish late, never exercise, mostly sitting somewhere – either my desk, car or couch.

When I found time to eat properly, it was too big, too salty, too greasy. All day long couldn’t resist those snacks, desserts and sugary drinks.

The result?

My belly was far from being flat, and I felt exhausted frequently – physically and mentally.

For a long time I was looking for a solution, with not much success, until it came unexpectedly – I got a gift. A relatively basic blender.

Then it hit me – I needed to eat more vegetables, but I just didn’t like the idea. Making smoothies with vegetables and fruits could be my ultimate solution.

I also realized that I’ve been skipping breakfast for lack of time. Of all meals it was breakfast I was skipping – the most important meal of the day as far as my journey to losing fat goes!

Now here’s the deal:

I could change all that by tossing some ingredients into the blender each morning, pressing the button and voila – I have a delicious, nutritious and satiating breakfast on the go!

Fast forward a few years later and my belly is completely flat, I feel more energized than ever, and almost never get sick.

This also sparked a long and fascinating journey studying in-depth about nutrition, superfoods, and healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve just discovered smoothing, you don’t necessarily need to change everything in one day. A smoothie in the morning is a great start, and could make a substantial difference.

Granted, it would be so delicious and fun to make that you’ll soon want more than just one smoothie a day…

If you’re already a juicing or smoothie pro, you’ll find here lots of super yummy recipes, tips, tricks and guides to easier and better smoothing.

My vision is to create a ripple effect with more and more people eating healthier, natural food.
The experience of eating healthy should be fun and easy, so we have no problem leaving behind those processed, junk and sugary foods.

Together we create a better world, one smoothie at a time!”

Please let me know how you find this website.

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