How books can open your mind

How books can open your mind - Lisa Bu - TEDI found this talk, “How books can open your mind”, by Lisa Bu to be very entertaining. Her delivery of an interesting topic is very good.

When she was young, she had a dream to be Chinese opera singer but it didn’t work out. Her dream didn’t come true. She was afraid that she’d have to settle for some “second-class happiness”. She was determined to find another calling, and with no one else around to teach her, she turned to books.

One of her interesting comments is that when she read the Bible, she found the 5th commandment commandment interesting – honor your father and mother – honor! – much different to obey – this gave her the tool to climb out one of her traps and restart her relationships with her parents.

She says that dreams coming true is not the main purpose of a dream. It’s to get us in touch with where dreams come from. Where passion comes from, where happiness comes from – even a broken dream can do that for you!

This observation really resonates strongly with me.

How books can open your mind

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